Visit the Internet, health and clinical psychology research group at Linköping University, led by Gerhard Andersson.

Project leader for the following ongoing grants:

  • Grant from Swedish council for working and life research “Individually tailored stress management via the internet. Effects on health and sick leave” (2016-2018).
  • Grant from Oticon foundation ”Climbing up the hearing rehabilitation ladder using new tailored online techniques: A randomised controlled trial” (2016-2018).
  • Grant from the Swedish foundation for humanities and social sciences, "Smartphone- and chat-based psychological treatment for adolescents with depression. A controlled trial" (2017-2019). 
  • Grant from the Swedish research council "Development and evaluation of internet-supported treatment for recently arrived children and adolescents with psychiatric problems.” (2018-2023).

  • Grant from the Swedish research council “The importance of patient involvement (co-design), own choice and different professions in internet-supported treatment for depression and related problems. A factorial design.” (2019-2021).