Professor Andersson is active as skateboarder. He started again 2015 following a long break. Now he skates with his friends at least twice each week. Not only ramp and bowl but also freestyle, surfskate, long distance pumping and slalom. He also also engaged in voluntary work to promote skateboarding.




The picture above is a "double finger flip" dating september 2020 (Photo Erik Solie), the next a 50/50 over the hip at Hangaren skatepark in Linköping September 2023 (Photo Brad Fridell). Then at Rimforsa mini-ramp rock to fakie in May 2023, then slalom skateboarding August 2022 and finally surfskating pump track in August 2021. Snowboard, snowskate and ice-blade skateboarding are occasionally practiced during winter times. He also has a mountainboard:



Book on the history of skateboarding in Norrköping.

The book was released 2 april 2016.


Signature board together with the two co-authors of the skateboard book.



Responsible for a website dealing with skateboard in Norrköping, launched 3 April 2017.